Iamond Ring constructions


John Greening is one of the world's foremost pursuers of fabulous designs and solutions of the polyiamond family of shapes—shapes made of joining any number of equilateral triangles by their edges. Kadon makes them up through size 8 (see the Octiamond Ring).

John exceeded that in 2018 with his custom order of the 161 enneiamonds (nine triangles each) and, in 2019, the 448 dekiamonds, where each piece is a different shape of 10 equilateral triangles. And in 2020 John sent us the fabulous assembly of all of those in a Grand construction of concentric rings. John's specialty is forming these monster sets into the most beautiful regular shapes, like the three-petaled nested flower above, and the six-petaled nested star and the nested diamonds below. And below that is John's hourglass construction enclosing a fancy dogbone, received in 2020.

Another puzzler sent us this dramatic snowflake pattern built with just the heptiamonds:

We'll add more here as we collect them.

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