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This sweet and innocent-looking set of 21 V-shaped trominoes (3 squares each) can entertain a four-year-old with simple patterns, yet infuriate a grown-up expert with tough challenges. Math professor Norton Starr originally commissioned this set to demonstrate proof of a theorem—that an 8x8 grid can be filled with V-trominoes no matter where you leave the empty space. We coupled this puzzle with a color-separation feature, then added an original concept by Oriel Maximé, of filling the Vs on grids around strategically placed barricades. The 28 "Bends" layouts cover four levels, from Easy to Expert. Other challenges and game rules are included. A feature not shown in the booklet is a pretty alphabet, discovered later. All acrylic, 7 tiles each of 3 luminous transparent colors in 7" tray with engraved grid lines. You can choose from three color combinations. Ages 4 to adult, 1 or 2 players. $39

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...from an idea by Manuel Garcia

This 15-piece two-color set continues to delight us with its variety of shapes and color symmetries, even years after we originally explored it. The all-acrylic, handfitted tiles are one and two right triangles in size (one sample shown), with plenty of puzzles both in and outside of their 8˝" tray. Choose from 6 color mixes. For its 25th anniversary in 2012, we added a touch of silver. Suitable for 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult. $59

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An inside look at Perplexing pyramid


These are amazingly difficult puzzles, recommended mainly for confident teens and determined adults. They have a unique solution. Such brainteasers seem to have an extraordinary appeal. We try to warn people away, but...With crystal-like balls on a contemporary-style terraced acrylic base, these puzzles do look eye-catching, and there are only a few pieces! How hard can it be? During their 25th anniversary year in 2009, we gave them extra spiffy bases with silver trim instead of white.

Perplexing Pyramid (six pieces), $21
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Velvet drawstring pouch for pyramids, $6
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