45th Anniversary Puzzle Award for
Greensboro Craftsmen's Christmas Classic
Crafts Festival, 2018

This inscribed commemorative puzzle was presented by Kadon Enterprises, Inc., with admiration and affection for 45 years of dedicated show organization, to Clyde and Tami Gilmore of Gilmore Enterprises, Inc., founded by Clyde's father. Greensboro is their oldest show. We've been in their shows for 35 of those 45 years, and they are one of the most admired and beloved show organizers in the U.S.  They produce many award-winning special events across the Southeast, including Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The company's home office is now in Jacksonville, FL.

The 45 pieces for this puzzle are the famous Kites, Darts, and golden triangles that make up our Kite Mosaik set. We included a little display stand and inscription to turn it into a trophy art piece.

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