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Looney Labs have a track record of creating winning games, first with Ice House and now with Fluxx. Refreshingly original and super-fun to play, here's a closer look at Fluxx 4.0 and its many variants:

If among your Keepers on the table you have the Cookies, it would be nice to get Milk, too, in case the Goal says Milk and Cookies. There are 19 different Keepers and 4 Creepers, and they can group in several ways to meet any of 29 different goals. If you had Milk and Chocolate as Keepers, you'd hope the Goal, Chocolate Milk, gets played. Ah, but maybe not if one of the 22 different Action cards comes up that says "Trade hands" or "Exchange keepers".

The 24 different Rule cards affect how many you draw on a play, how many you can play out or keep in your hand (discarding any surplus), and some wonderfully zany variations. You could have as many as 10 different rules operating at the same time, or lose them all when someone plays the Reset card. One blank card is included, in case you come up with a new rule of your own to add.

Of all our meta-games with changing rules (see also Lemma and Proteus), Fluxx is the most lighthearted and fun. Much more fun than Uno, and quicker, too. Take a Fluxx deck with you, wherever you go.

Fluxx 3.0, with all-new cards replacing about 25% of the earlier deck, is out of print, though we still have a small supply. It was replaced by the more advanced Fluxx 3.1. We still have a few of them, too. The newest version, 4.0, is the best one yet, expanded to 100 cards. Nearly half a million decks of Fluxx have been sold as of 2010. Way to go, Looneys!

Every Keeper has more than one function. Here are just a few of them:

Looney Labs are extremely inventive and prolific and have added several new versions of Fluxx to their repertoire. We offer their EcoFluxx, Spanish Fluxx, FamilyFluxx, Monty Python Fluxx and the newest, Martian Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, and Star Fluxx. Visit their website for the full story and to see all their other games.

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