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Jacques Ferroul's SteloTM

This puzzle is made for Jacques Ferroul and for you by special order. It is laser-cut from transparent tinted acrylic in jewel colors. The Lucite cut edges glow and make it easy to see the divisions between the individual pieces.

Stelo is dedicated to Jacques' brother's little granddaughter, Maïlou, who died suddenly in 2006 before her third birthday. Stelo means "star" in esperanto, and a real star visible from Earth has been named Maïlou in her honor. The puzzle's star shape is also in remembrance of her star.

You can play Stelo online at Thérèse Eveilleau's website. Just click the PLAY button above.

The 12 Stelo pieces are a simpler subset of Poly-Spidrons, consisting of the order-3 pieces without the Spidron curves. Each tile consists of six 30-60-90 triangles paired as either equilateral or isosceles. The four transparent colors identify the structure of each tile by its component subtriangles. The tray is about 5½". See Jacques' page for more explanations.

A wealth of challenges await the puzzler. Jacques has supplied 19 pages of beautiful shapes in silhouettes that are little artworks in their own right (a few samples appear below), and more may be added from time to time. Feel free to download them from his site to go with your Stelo set. And if you find new shapes, send them to Jacques and add your star to this galaxy.

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Visit Jacques' blog Kaprompiloj (in French and Esperanto)
for many other great polyform explorations

We regret that most of Jacques' web addresses are temporarily unavailable.
They will be restored soon. Please check back later.
His Kaprompiloj blog works fine.

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