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A meta-graphic by Kate Jones

The 8 colors currently available — arrangements will vary

How to order

Hand-inlaid, signed mosaic copies of DUALITY may be custom ordered. The lasercut acrylic we use has four gleaming opaque colors and four shimmering metallic "frosted mirror" colors, embedded in an 18x23" framed tray. Currently available colors are (choose any 8):  dark blue, medium blue, purple, gray, yellow, orange, with frosted copper, gold, wine and green. Uniquely designed hanging strips allow it to install on a wall with just one nail. Most striking when light can play on its differently textured materials that change with the angle of view in the room.

We will be happy to combine any eight colors you wish to specify, from our existing palettes or from what can be obtained. Please send us a filled-in template (.gif) or simply describe in words your preferences for the 8 colors, and we'll mix a suitable arrangement.

The price of DUALITY is $295 plus shipping and includes an artist's statement and personalized certificate. To order through our secure ordering system, please click on the ORDER button below and describe your requirements in the special instructions space of the order form. Please allow six weeks for delivery when requesting non-standard colors. Currently available colors can be shipped within two weeks.

  DUALITY,   $295

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