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The Berlin Wall

Sample piece of Berlin WallFor the 31st International Puzzle Party's design competition, held in Berlin, Germany, in August 2011, Kate designed a puzzle in memory of the Berlin Wall, a limited edition built of wood blocks. Each block, or brick, was the size of a 1x1x2 "domino", glued together into 24 all-different shapes whose cross-section formed the 24 polyhops sizes 1 through 4. These are the same shapes as the new Hopscotch set, only in 3D.

A huge amount of work went into the making of this set, done in handcrafted, handfinished wood with certain pieces carefully sanded for fit before gluing. A long wood trough holds the assembled solution. Here's a side view:

One of the solutions of the Berlin Wall challenge; also a Hopscotch figure

This solution is not unique, and there are other shapes to build with the set. There is one copy of Berlin Wall remaining, first come, first served.     $125

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