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Recreational Math — or Art?

    Kites and Darts strategy game - partial view of game board    Super Roundominoes by Kate Jones--shapes of 1-4 circles and bridges   Pentarose based on Roger Penrose's prototiles for non-periodic tiling

Snowflake Super Square--permutations of squares with 3 shapes of edge

Hexnut Jr., polyhex shapes 1-4 and a few 5s

Multimatch II--24 vertex-colored squares in 3 colors
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  • Abstract Strategy Games
  • Polyominoes and Polyforms
  • Penrose tiles — the golden ratio!
  • Combinatorial tessellations
  • Tactile graphics — movable art

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Sextillions--shapes of 6 squares joined (hexominoes)

Cubits--the visual illusion of cubes

Trifolia--all shapes of triangles with 4 kinds of edge