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Tactile Graphics are an original art form: the playable art of Kate Jones. Movable tiling sets serve as mediums of interaction between the individual and the natural principles defining each set. Their clarity and logic become apparent through playful involvement. We perceive these intuitively as visually pleasing and continually engaging.

Among their amazing characteristics are the symmetry patterns that the determined puzzler can persuade them to display.

To celebrate their qualities in tactile form, I design these tilings in dramatic textures, colors and contrasts, such as lustrous and frosted acrylics. My goal is to create and produce sophisticated playthings that are a pleasure to the eye, the mind, the touch.

To add to your pleasure of owning and displaying them, we include easels or wall-mounting hanging strips. We invite you to select the colors you would like included in the piece we make for you, from our extensive palettes. Please inquire — we'll be happy to collaborate with you to help you select just the right combination for your display area.

In recognition of this unique art form, in 2007 we procured the Internet domain name,, as a portal to our main website and to its Tactile Graphics section.

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