Game inventor: Arthur Blumberg
Arthur Blumberg has been a friend and supporter of Kadon for as long as anyone can remember. And each year, when the Renaissance Festival begins, Arthur helps in the booth, explaining the games and helping visitors select their purchases.

In 1998 we were thrilled to produce The Power of Two, the game that Arthur had created after being inspired by a discussion with Kate about the Kadon philosophy of games. It made the "Games 100" list in its first year. The following year Art created the large and glorious End Point, and the exquisite Over-Pass in 2001. In 2003 came the ingenious More or Less. He always has a new idea brewing.

His alma mater, the University of Baltimore, printed a nice article about Art and his gift for game creation.

Over-Pass had its world premiere at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the Fall of 2001 and at the World Science Fiction convention in Philadelphia at the same time. The avid gamers at WorldCon gave Over-Pass a very favorable critical reception.

Then many years went by with no new game issuing out of Art's fertile mind. We'd ask now and then if he was working on something, and he was not ready to tell. Finally, in 2018 a brand-new, ingenious, many-splendored game arrived: Ternion Factor, a triple-action, multi-strategic adventure that will engage players in a web of decisions. We love it!

Arthur's programming skills have produced the "cat that walks through walls" graphic for the Kadon website, and he is always helpful with advice, suggestions and solutions to thorny computer problems.

Art and Kate discovered to their mutual surprise and delight that they had another interest in common—ballroom dancing!

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